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Complete Guide DVD's from WOOD Magazine

Complete Guide to Mission Furniture

mission furnitureAbout this Video:
» 50 project plans to furnish nearly every room in your house
» Includes complete bedroom sets
» 30 tips and techniques to make you a Mission master
» Mortise & tenon methods
» Arts & Crafts finishing
» Working with copper
» 7 videos with detailed walk-throughs of construction techniques

Complete Guide to Cabinetmaking

About this Video:
» 66 how-to articles on every aspect of building your own kitchen
» Includes cabinets, shelving, and carcase-based furniture
» 30 step-by-step project
» Includes plans from wall and base cabinets to displays, entertainment centers, and bookcases
» 17 videos that show you how to machine stock, build drawers and doors, and apply finish

Complete Guide to 200+ Shop Jigs

shop jigsAbout this Video:
» Detailed plans for jigs that improve the accuracy, effectiveness, speed
» Maintain safety for nearly every tool in your shop
» More than 25 bonus project plans that put these hard-working jigs to use
» Includes furniture plans, gift plans, and outdoor plans
» 9 videos that provide an in-depth look at how to get the most from your jigs

Complete Guide to Getting Started in Woodworking

About this Video:
» Basic woodworking skills that ensure success in any project
» Tips for shopping wisely for wood (and saving money)
» Pointers on buying and safely using power tools
» Dozens of ideas for setting up your workshop
» The vocabulary of woodworking

Complete Guide to Choosing and Using Wood

woodAbout this Video:
» Techniques for working with almost any species
» Tips for shopping wisely for hard woods and sheet goods
» How to deal with wood figure, defects, and movement
» Methods for cutting, drying, and milling your own lumber
» How to showcase grain for best effect
» Grading secrets of the lumber industry

Complete Guide to Childrens Furniture

About this Video:
» Build beautiful, strong, and safe cradles and cribs
» Construct top-quality children's bedroom furniture, including matching sets
» Provide storage for toys, books, and clothing
» Create desks, tables, and other durable and useful furniture
» Make attractive lamps, clocks, music boxes, and other accessories

Complete Guide to Toy Projects

toysAbout this Video:
» Create engaging toys for children of all ages
» Build sturdy, stylish riding toys and wagons
» Fashion beautiful doll furniture, strollers, and dollhouses
» Launch a dream fleet of boats, trucks, cars
» Build construction equipment, airplanes, tractors, and trains
» Construct a toboggan or other snow sliders for winter fun

Complete Guide to Woodturning

About this Video:
» Compare lathes and choose the right one for you
» Turn work on a faceplate or between centers
» Select the right turning tools and handle them properly
» Build or buy lathe accessories
» Stack up laminated blanks for artistic vessels
» Harvest and season your own turning stock

Complete Guide to Outdoor Furniture

outdoorAbout this Video:
» Build durable outdoor furniture, including matching sets
» Construct arbors, gazebos, and other garden structures
» Add value to your home with decks and fences
» Select materials and finishes for long-lasting projects
» Make attractive outdoor lights, planters, and accessories
» Create fun and practical birdhouses and feeders

Complete Guide to Mastering Your Router

About this Video:
» Evaluate routers to buy exactly what you need
» Table-mount your router for even more versatility
» Select the right bit for the job, and how to best use it
» Rout decorative edges and patterns
» Form dadoes, rabbets, dovetails, and other joints

Complete Guide to Mastering Your Tablesaw

tablesawAbout this Video:
» Choose the tablesaw that best meets your needs
» Select the correct blade for any job
» Add accessories to make your saw even more versatile
» Make a variety of cuts safely and accurately
» Jig up to cut dadoes, rabbets, and other joints
» Maintain and adjust your saw for maximum precision

Complete Guide to Quick-and-Easy Projects

About this Video:
» Build 14 boxes, 15 jewelry chests, 30+ clocks, and more
» Glue up intricately patterned cutting boards
» Miter picture-perfect frames
» Dress up your projects with inlay, copper, and veneers
» Turn scrapwood into useful and decorative items

Complete Guide to American Classic Furniture

American classicAbout this Video:
» Choose appropriate wood for particular furniture styles
» Cut tight-fitting, super-strong joints
» Recreate the look of old-time finishes
» Apply period-correct details and decoration
» Clamp even the largest assemblies quickly and effectively

Complete Guide to Maximizing Your Shop Space

About this Video:
» Organize tools and accessories for quick access
» Mobilize your machinery for efficient use of space
» Save money on tools, equipment, and shop fixtures
» Plan your dream shop with tips from five WOOD Idea Shops
» Manage wood and materials efficiently

Complete Guide to Simple Furniture Projects

simple furnitureAbout this Video:
» Build classic bookcases, tables, seating, and more
» Construct cabinets for all your storage needs
» Outfit your home with lamps, mirrors, and accent pieces
» Quickly and easily construct doors and drawers
» Apply a flawless finish to your furniture projects

Complete Guide to 1,600 Shop Tips

About this Video:
» Utilize jigs and fixtures for increased safety and efficiency
» Improve the accuracy of your woodworking tools
» Solve shop problems quickly and cleverly
» Turn household items into handy workshop helpers
» Measure and mark accurately

Complete Guide to Joinery

joineryAbout this Video:
» Make classic mortise-and-tenon joints
» Construct jigs to make joints quickly and accurately
» Successfully glue and clamp any joint
» Dress up your projects with decorative joints
» Cut dovetails by hand or with a router

Complete Guide to Workbenches, Tool Stands, & Carts

About this Video:
» Construct a workbench that fits your needs
» Keep benchtop tools handy but out of the way between uses
» Mobilize shop equipment for space-saving flexibility
» Build router tables, mitersaw stands, and more
» Improve shop efficiency with versatile, east-to-build carts
» Add handy sawhorses and other work supports to your shop

Complete Guide to Finishing

finishingAbout this Video:
» Select the right finish for your furniture
» Prepare your project for a flawless finish
» Stain and dye wood for blotch-free results
» Achieve perfect results on painted projects
» Repair damaged furniture finishes
» Apply pros' favorite finishes

Complete Guide to America's Top Shops

About this Video:
» Tons of space-saving storage solutions
» Fully-detailed floor plans and shop layout kits
» Do-it-yourself floor to ceiling upgrade options
» Tool holders, clamp racks, and lumber supports
» Money-saving, time-freeing jigs
» Inspiring dream garages and workshops

Complete Guide to Bookcases

bookcasesAbout this Video:
» Build attractive bookcases in a variety of furniture styles
» Create your own closet-organization system
» Plan, design, and install shelving projects
» Choose the right materials and construction techniques
» Solve storage needs in every room of your home
» Apply pros' favorite finishes