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Handcarved Heirloom Rocking Horses

by: Crayne Hennessy, sculptor and craftsman
Sculptor and Craftsman Crayne Hennessy

About the Artist: Crayne Hennessy

Coming from Seattle, Crayne Hennessy has worked extensively in the US and Europe. He has designed and built houses, both full-size and miniature, fine furniture and personal as well as public sculptures.

Crayne has loved horses since childhood and has found being a rocking horse maker a wonderful way to perpetuate a valuable tradition and explore his own creativity. Crayne takes pleasure in sculpting a new generation of heirlooms that bring joy to children and adults alike.

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Walnut Rocking Horse

This magnificent Walnut Rocking Horse combines the magnificence and imaginative flare of traditional rocking horses with the artisan's own sense of grace and precision.

Hennessy Horses Rocking Horse - WalnutEach horse is sculpted and outfitted to perfection, making the ideal heirloom - a pure joy for both the young and the old.

The artist embeds each horse with 20 coats of the finest lacquer, giving a translucent porcelain-like finish.

Features Include:
    » Heirloom quality hand sculpted hardwood
    » Genuine horse hair Mane and Tail; Suede saddle cloth
    » Two sizes to choose from: 41" tall and 50" tall
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Maple Rocking Horse

Each horse has a genuine horsehair mane and tail and is immaculately outfitted with the highest quality tack. Both saddle and bridle are removable, allowing children the pleasure of grooming their own horse.

Hennessy Horses Rocking Horse - MapleCrayne Hennessy's own sense of grace and precision is incorporated into each of these magnificent rocking horses!. Sculpted and outfitted to perfection, this horse makes the ideal heirloom of pure joy for anyone.

Complete with solid brass stirrups, the English saddles are entirely handcrafted using fine leather and brass fittings.

Two Sizes to Choose from:
    » 47" L x 41" H x 16" W
    » 58" L x 50" H x 20" W
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Dapple Gray Rocking Horse

Horses are supplied with a bright suede saddle cloth, a colorful rosette on the martingale, and radiant eyes in a color of your choice. On the stand is a brass plaque engraved with the name of the maker, though you may request a special plaque with space for your own dedication.

Hennessy Horses Rocking Horse - Dapple GrayWhen cherished, these horses will live for generations. The materials and workmanship are, of course, guaranteed. Hennessy horses are available in several natural finish select hardwoods, chosen for their superb beauty and resilience.

English saddles are built just like real saddles and are removable to allow you the experience of saddling your horse.

Two Sizes to Choose from:
    » 47" L x 41" H x 16" W
    » 58" L x 50" H x 20" W
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