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No artificial color is ever used on my walnut products. They are rubbed with agate stone before a wax polish is applied.
~ from Artisan M. Ayub of India

Walnut Jewelry Box, 'Camel' (India)⦿ Walnut Jewelry Box: 'Camel'

Smooth panels of natural wood are centered with the regal presence of a camel. Carving walnut wood by hand, M. Ayub crafts a delightful Jewelry Box. Lined with velvet, the box features twin compartments. The box also features a magic lock and can be opened by sliding the lower front panel of the box to the right side.

Wood Jewelry Box, 'Florid Cameo' (India)⦿ Walnut Jewelry Box: 'Florid Cameo'

Bouquets of miniscule flowers gracefully pose on the smooth surface of this Jewelry Box, their beauty intended to hide valued treasures. Carved with the vast elegance of a true artist, M. Ayub creates this extraordinaryJewelry Box from Kashmiri walnut wood. The box opens up to two compartments lined with soft velvet, one designed for rings.

Wood Jewelry Box, 'Triumphant Elephants' (India)⦿ Walnut Jewelry Box: 'Triumphant Elephants'

Elephants raise their trunks in triumph as they reach the top of a hill. M. Ayub details their victorious presence as he carves this Jewelry Box by hand of noble walnut wood. His expertise is evident as he carves the relief work on the lid from a single block of wood. The box is lined with velvet and features a removable tray.

Wood Jewelry Box, 'Kashmiri Delight' (India)⦿ Walnut Jewelry Box: 'Kashmiri Delight'

Like a scene from mystic legends, tiny birds pose perched amidst vines tasting sweet grapes and bordered by a leaf frame. An inspired work rich in detail and hand-carving perfection, this versatile walnut wood box evidences M. Ayub excellence.
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