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Maltese Cross Plaque

Musical Note Plaque

Norman Cross Plaque

Owl Plaque

Penguin Plaque

Pig Plaque

Pine Tree Plaque

Poodle Plaque

Quatrefoil Plaque

Raggedy Ann Plaque

Rose Plaque

Sailboat Plaque

Shield Plaque

Skull and Crossbones Plaque

Sphinx Plaque
blue filler
Blank Wooden Heart Plaque

Blank Wooden Heart Plaque

» Wood: Unfinished ¾" Thick Oak
» Ready to finish: stain or paint
» Size: 10" High x 7" Wide x 3/4" Thick
» Add a varnish stain for an additional $3.00

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These plaques are a creative way to show pride and spirit for your Fraternity or Sorority mascot or symbol. Wood Symbol Plaques have proven to be a popular alternative to paddles.

Each plaque comes standard as natural wood (as pictured), with the option to add a varnish stain for an additional $3. Cut and sanded, ready for you to decorate, paint, or sign. Prices start at just $15.95 each!

Make it your very own! Shop for "Paddle Decorations" to customize your plaque with a wide variety of wooden accessories including letters, phrases and sayings, mascots, frames and other fun symbols to make a uniquely awesome pledge plaque. All of the wooden accessories have Peel-n-Stick permanent backing. No messy glue required!

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Choose from the following great shapes...

Alligator Plaque

Anchor Plaque

Angel Plaque

Arrow A Plaque

Arrow B Plaque

Arrow C Plaque

Bear Plaque

Bulldog Head Plaque

Bunny Plaque

Crescent Moon Plaque

Cross and Crescent Plaque

Crown Plaque

Dagger Plaque

Double Heart Plaque

Diamond Plaque

Dolphin Plaque

Dove Plaque

Duck Plaque

Elephant Plaque

Giraffe Plaque

Star Plaque

Kangaroo Plaque

Key Plaque

Kite Plaque

Lady Bug Plaque

Lamb Plaque

Lamp Plaque

Leaf Plaque

Lion Plaque

Lyre Plaque

Turtle A Plaque

Turtle B Plaque

Unicorn Plaque
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