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The airbrush is a unique art tool used to apply paints, inks, and pigments on to a surface using air pressure.The airbrush is a unique art tool used to apply paints, inks, and pigments on to a surface using air pressure. Modern airbrushes are sophisticated instruments capable of pulverizing and spreading colors evenly over diverse surfaces from standard canvas supports to automotive body panels, t-shirts, scale models, even the human body itself!

Because airbrushes are sophisticated tools requiring unique techniques, many artists feel intimidated by the prospect of incorporating airbrushing into their work.
airbrush sprayingAirbrushing, though, is really no different from painting with a brush or drawing with a piece of charcoal. Airbrush art is simply another artistic medium that any artist with a little talent and patience can master through practice, just as oil paints or watercolors can be mastered. As with any medium, diligence and dedication are the keys to attractive airbrush work.

Millennium Airbrush Set

Get the same great airbrushing results achievable with your other Paasche airbrushes.
Millennium Airbrush Set Features include a polished chrome plated brass body with red anodized aluminum cutaway handle--thinner barreled body for easy grip - and round trigger button that rolls under your finger for greater comfort and better control.

Set includes the Millennium Double Action Airbrush, one 1/8 in. x 6 ft. braided hose, one VL-1 2 oz. color bottle assembly, one #34 hanger, one #62 wrench, and instruction booklet.

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D-500 Air CompressorD-500 Air Compressor

Economical and suitable for all airbrushes spraying properly thinned fluids. Capable of delivering up to 40 lb. pressure. Oilless diaphragm unit comes with a grounded three wire cord. Operates on 115 volt, 1 phase, 60 cycle, 1 /10 hp, 3 amps, and delivers 0.5 cfm at 20 psi. Is CAS approved and UL Listed.
Ninja Jet Air Compressor
Ninja Jet Air Compressor
SimAir Gold Pro IN2000 Air Compressor
SimAir Gold Pro Air Compressor

CR Airbrush Master Hobby Set

Made for users at all levels, this top-of-the-line Revolution Series brush is a great value. With breakthrough technology and performance, this airbrush outperforms all others in its price range.
» Internal mix airbrush
» Ergonomic handle design
» Fine detail to 1½" spray pattern
» Larger nozzle and needle combination
» Easy spraying of thicker, heavier paints
» Redesigned trigger mechanism
» Larger needle-chucking nut
» Replaceable internal PTFE needle packing (for solvent-based paints)

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CR Airbrush Master Hobby Set
The CR is a gravity-fed airbrush designed for quick changes of custom mixed color. Its an extremely versatile airbrush, great for background spraying, general-purpose art-and-craft projects, detailing, and automotive painting. The CR Airbrush Master Hobby Set contains an Iwata Revolution CR Airbrush, a 6 oz. can of Air Blast, a 6 ft. air hose, an air regulator, and an 8 oz. bottle of Media AirbrushCleaner.

Metallic Color Set
Airbrush Metallic Color Set
by Jacquard™
Opaque & Transparent Airbrush Color Kit set of 10
Opaque & Transparent
Airbrush Color Kit Set of 10
Radiant Concentrated Watercolor Sets
Radiant Concentrated
Watercolor Sets
Storage Jars, Lids, and Gaskets
Storage Jars, Lids & Gaskets
Model VL Airbrush Tips
Model VL Airbrush Tips
Airbrush Cleaner
Airbrush Cleaner

Model 155 Anthem Airbrush Kit

The Anthem's body design provides exacting balance and long term user comfort.
Model 155 AnthemA bottom-feed, double-action, internal mix airbrush. The Anthem is the most comfortable, reliable, proficient, cost effective, user-friendly airbrush ever. The two angle needle tip precisely mates with the Anthem's cone shape nozzle enabling single needle/nozzle variations. For the most rigorous of production airbrushing environments.

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