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KD CNC Speaker Cabinet Pair

The ¾" MDF construction utilized by the TriTrix knock-down cabinets ensures maximally damped enclosures to prevent annoying resonances that color the sound.

Precision CNC cuts offer accuracy comparable to the craftsmanship of a master woodworker - maybe even better! Wood screws included. Sold in pairs. The speaker cabinets ship unassembled, but are simple, quick, and easy to construct by simply following the instructions.
TriTrix MTM TL Knock-Down CNC Speaker Cabinet Pair
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Knock-Down MDF Micro Bookshelf Speaker Cabinet Pair
KD MDF Micro Bookshelf Speaker Cabinet Pair
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Knock-Down MDF Bookshelf Speaker Cabinet
KD MDF Bookshelf Speaker Cabinet
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Knock-Down MDF Subwoofer Speaker Cabinet
KD MDF Subwoofer Speaker Cabinet
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Binding Post Banana Jack
Binding Post Banana Jack (2 Pair)
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Knock-Down MDF Mini Bookshelf Speaker Cabinet
MDF Mini Bookshelf Speaker Cabinet
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Acousta-Stuf Polyfill Speaker Cabinet Sound Damping Material 1 lb. Bag
Acousta-Stuf Polyfill Sound Damping
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Speaker Kit with Knock-Down Cabinet

A compact 2-way bookshelf speaker which provides a reference quality sound without the usual high price.
Tango MT Bookshelf Reference Speaker Kit with Knock-Down Cabinet The Tangos are known for providing an extremely detailed and neutral sound while being revealing enough to allow the listener to identify the placement of different instruments across the soundstage. » View Larger Image
Both the woofer and tweeter use aluminum diaphragms and low distortion motors to deliver such accurate sound that the speakers seemingly disappear into your listening environment. With a rigid anodized aluminum cone and low-distortion motor system with dual shorting rings, this driver set a new standard of value in high-performance woofers.

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Knock-Down MDF Tower Speaker Cabinet

KD MDF Tower Speaker Cabinet

Build your own tower or large format center channel speaker with this CNC-cut cabinet.

» Acoustically inert MDF panels for precise fit and finish
» 1.16 cu. ft. internal volume
» Assembles in minutes
» Made in the U.S.A.
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Pyramid 6" x 9" Carpeted Cabinets

Pyramid Car Audio prides itself as being the most affordable solution to car audio. Not only do they make top of the line car audio products but also the boxes to hold them. The PMB59MT features two 6x9 speaker boxes that are carpeted for a finished look.
Pyramid PMB69MT 6-Inch x 9-Inch Carpeted Cabinets Details include:
» 200W Max
» Carpeted Wood Construction
» Terminal Cups
» Complete Pair Per System
» 8¾" H x 11¼" W x 5½" D

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